Lex's Art Commissions!!

(simpler commissions sheet)

go check out policies for discounts + conditions! <333

price breakdown!!

(ps click to enlarge :3)

(pps basic shading and rough sketches are on request, dm and i'll give you a quote!)


bust lineart: $10

bust flats: $12

bust rendered: $30

torso! (can be waist up or hip up)

torso lineart: $12

torso flats: $15

torso rendered: $50

full body!

full body lineart: $15

full body flats: $18

full body rendered: $60

extra character prices! (regardless of size)

lineart: + 50%

flats: + 60%

rendered: + 75%


complex pose: + $10

complex background: + $5

terms of service!!!

yes!no : [
ship artnudity
real peoplensfw
light gore 
heavy gore* 

* must be discussed

i have the right to deny a commission request for any reason

you have the right to use a commission however you would like for personal use UNLESS otherwise stated by me. DO NOT USE MY ART FOR COMMERCIAL USE WITHOUT TALKING WITH ME.i retain the right to post my work on social media/put it in my portfolio, but i will not use commissions for commercial purposes.


venmo/cashapp heavily preferred, paypal accepted too.i also accept purchases off my amazon wishlist with equivalent value to the commission price!

you pay 50% after the first sketch, the other 50% right before i send you the finished work!


10% off if your commission is from the following media:

Serial Experiments Lain
My Hero Academia
Your Turn to Die
The Owl House
Bungou Stray Dogs

who am i?

hiya! i'm lex, and i'm 16 years old! im always down to yell about my love for my hero academia on twitter, @lex_catto.more people may know me as a cosplayer! you can find me on tiktok @open.vaults!

recent finished artwork:

older finished artwork: